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Overhaul and overhaul services

Adrin Pars Instrument Sanat Repair Center, having a specialist in the repair department in identifying and troubleshooting electronic and mechanical components
Ready to provide services in the field of repair of various instrumentation equipment of European and Asian brands used in oil, gas, petrochemical industries
And industrial factories with the best price and quality.

Repair of pressure transmitters
Repair of temperature transmitters (Temperature Transmitter)
Flow Transmitter Repair
Repair of Level Transmitter
Temperature Gauge Repair
Pressure Gauge Repair
Control Valves Repairs
Actuators Repair

In line with any technical services regarding the provision of equipment appropriate to the conditions used by industrial companies, great strides have been made.

Therefore, considering that the main goal of Adrin Sanat Parsdaqiq Pars Company is to provide services regarding the equipment provided by this company, all the necessary services in the field of precision instruments, such as the supply of accessories related to the provided equipment, are also performed.

It should be noted that all equipment provided by this company has a warranty for at least one year from the date of delivery of the equipment.